Things to do in York City Centre

There are lots of things to do in York city centre that will keep everyone in your party entertained. The city is a historical hotspot that some believe is haunted by ghouls and ghosts. Take a read through our guide, then venture out and see for yourself what awaits you if you dare.

A Trip Through Time

York is well known for its deep rooted history. While making your way through the city, you’ll see lots of famous landmarks including the York City Walls, Clifford’s Tower and The Shambles (a perfectly preserved 14th century street).

For a more immersive experience, delve into York’s grizzly past by traversing bravely through the York Dungeon. If you think that might be a tad too scary for the little ones, you can always visit the renowned Jorvik Viking Centre, and learn more about the city’s Scandinavian heritage.

York Ghost Tours

Do you believe in ghosts? If not, one of York city centre’s ghost tours might just change your mind.

Join your guide as they take you through York’s narrow passages and dark streets, telling tales of the supernatural with gory endings. It’s enough to make your toes curl!

Or if you’d prefer, take a tour of the most haunted pubs in the city including The Golden Fleece.

york racecourse

York Racecourse

If you’re looking for some lively action, York Racecourse is your best bet. Between May and October, the races offer groups, groups, groups and families a fun day out, and an opportunity to make a little more spending money.

Let us know if the races take your fancy, and we can arrange for a taxi to pick you up. Want to make a more extravagant entrance? We can have a limo take you to the racecourse in style.

If races aren’t your thing, or you miss the May-October events, the site is also used to hold music concerts, fashion shows and food and viking festivals!

There’s even a car boot sale at the racecourse, which is held regularly most Sunday mornings if you want to go bargain hunting.

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