Staying Safe

Keep you, your family and friends safe during Covid-19

Before you arrive

We want you and your family to have fun, but with the Coronavirus outbreak, we have to be serious for just a few minutes (then we can get back to the fun stuff).

Before you arrive at our properties, we take several precautions to help keep everyone safe and healthy.

Hand sanitiser is at every entrance to the properties, and also outside. Disinfection sprays and wipes are left for your use during your stay.

We deep clean the properties before and after each booking, so you can be sure every surface has been thoroughly disinfected. The properties are closed off where possible in between guests for full disinfection.

All the bedding and linen are also taken away to be cleaned by specialists. Duvets and pillows are disinfected on-site by our cleaners who are fully trained in Covid-19 cleaning safety measures.


If you are feeling unwell or have any symptoms of Covid-19, please do not travel. Make sure to seek advice from medical professionals and self-isolate.

On your arrival, you’ll find hand sanitiser dispensers near the entrances and on the outside tables.

Each table is clearly marked, so if you’re only renting out one of the properties, you’ll have no worries identifying which one is yours.

During your stay

We’ll provide you with ample cleaning sprays and antibacterial wipes, so you can keep all areas and surfaces as clean as possible during your stay.

Social distancing measures are in place in the courtyard, so please keep at least 1m apart.

If you need to contact us regarding hygiene concerns, we’ll be on hand to help. Your health and safety is our main concern, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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